Woodmont Labrador Retrievers

Lab retriever retrieving duck
 Woodmont Retrievers is a small kennel in southern NH. At Woodmont we strive to create the best Labs possible. To us that means good health, excellent structure, correct Labrador conformation and movement, retrieving instinct, train-ability, intelligence, athleticism, and perseverance. Their personalities are affectionate, sweet, content, good-natured, enthusiastic and joyful as all Labrador retrievers should be.
Our Labs are first pets but they are also avid retrievers with both self control and drive to spend a day in a blind or work to flush birds in a field. They have the characteristics needed to compete in all areas. Ketli has earned multiple hunt test titles and in 2019 Tula and Gala earned titles in dock diving, rally and obedience.. 
At Woodmont we limit our number of dogs because all our dogs live inside with the family day and night. That means we only have one and rarely two litters of puppies a year. Woodmont puppies are raised in our living room, dining room and kitchen., porch, deck and yard. As they mature and need more space we set up pens outside for play in the front and  backyard  and we let them explore freely outdoors as often as weather permits to let them explore many sights, sounds and textures. That gives them an ability to adapt to many environments and respond calmly to loud noises and commotion. We do neurological stimulation from days 3 to 16.
We are proud of our breeding program and the decisions we make to select quality sires. Woodmont also takes pride in how we raise the puppies for the eight weeks they live with us here in Hollis, NH. And finally we are proud of our training and the results that show in  competitions, hunting and everyday life with the family.
Puppy havng individual time. beginning training
Golden Retriever with Lab puppies