Older Woodmont History


The Golden Retriever Years

...So then came Emma and two years later Cabot; two wonderful Golden retrievers who brought smiles to our faces daily. We enjoyed them for many years. Each one was a different kind of retriever. Emma was tough. The first time she jumped into water she swam like a beaver. She was quick and smooth from the start. And she loved to retrieve in water. The day Emma did a double retrieve I was shocked. I could not believe that she wanted so much to bring objects back to me that she swam to get an extra one and eagerly paddled to shore. Keela had not shown that side of retrievers and I loved seeing such a strong instinct to work for a partner and the athleticism to go along with it. Emma would retrieve in water until we made her stop. However on land she was not interested. That was disappointing but we thought maybe our second Golden would like retrieving both on land and in water. 

Cabot was a different story. The first time in the water he splashed and struggled. His head was too high so his body was not streamlined for efficient swimming like Emma's. From the first he decided that he would wait on shore until Emma came back with something and then he would run around with it trying to get her to chase him. He also did not like retrieving on land. He was a gentle soul and a sweet cuddler. While Emma was sassy and independent. Both dogs brought years of joy. Then I decided to add another retriever to the family. So I put on my bucket list that I wanted to get a retriever who passed all health and genetic tests and who loved to retrieve on land and in water so I could try my hand at working as a team in competition retrieving.