Visiting the Puppies and Puppy Selection

Prospective puppy owners are welcome to visit the puppies after they are 4 weeks old. Most families visit two times. The popular times to visit are week 5 and week 7, a week before they can go their new families.

Meeting the families helps me to make good matches between families and puppies. You can not choose your specific pup but you can tell me your top choices and I can try to make that work. At about 7 weeks after their vet health check and first shots I do a temperament test that indicates what type of home each puppy needs. Along with that I discuss the puppies with the vet and use all my observations from their time with me.

PuppiesFeb28 017
PuppiesFeb20Weekend 114
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NH Labrador Retriever Breeder puppy socialization
PuppiesFeb20Weekend 118
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Lab puppy Noelle
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