I am retiring from breeding Labs and this website will go off line soon. To find out how to get a Ketli grandchild or great grandchild follow us on Facebook. I will share information about future breedings by other breeders there. 
When you submit a puppy application the more specific your answers the better chance you have of being selected to receive a Woodmont puppy. I need to know how you will train your dog. I like my puppies to go to homes that will train them and compete with them. I also like to place puppies with ethical breeders and will be looking for a guardian home to raise a female so I can watch her development. If she meets all my criteria and passes all health tests then I breed her and bring her to my home to whelp and raise the litter. Delilah and Daisy are in guardian homes. Full ownership goes to you once all breeding is done or a decision is made not to breed. 
 I match puppies to the best homes possible according to family requests, puppy observations and temperament testing done at 7 weeks old. 

Once a pregnancy is confirmed at day 30 I begin to sort through the applications and will contact people who will have a chance. Once the puppies are born and have survived the first 10 days I will contact prospective families offering them a puppy. At that time a non-refundable deposit is due to hold a puppy. 

Your application matters. I do not offer puppies according to the order applications are received. I study the applications, sort them, rate them and make notes on the positives. 
Woodmont Retriever puppies
PuppiesMar5 052
PuppiesMar6 122
PuppiesMar5 025
PuppiesMar5 042
PuppiesFeb20Weekend 115
PuppiesFeb20Weekend 117
PuppiesMar5 070